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Your Support today will help us to do our part to make sure hundreds of seal pups don't die for the lack of a potential treatment.  


Help Wild Animals That Are Sick

Doctors can seal the bleeding in humans, why not seal pups?

Unfortunately, young elephant seals or pups often digest marine food sources that are infected with parasite nematodes.  This causes damage like internal bleeding that is so severe to their immature bodies that the likelihood of being rehabilitated and released back into the ocean is slim. 

What can be done to stop the bleeding and treat the infection before it is too late?  Well, the options are limited for treating bleeding disorders in most non-domestic animals.  Therefore, veterinarian researchers are testing medicines like the ones used in humans to determine a safe dosage to be the life-saver for this iconic species.

With this new information or ‘seal of approval,’ it will open the door to a different treatment approach available to seal pups and like species that are bleeding. Your generosity will also help pave the way for future applications that may benefit other marine mammal species, including endangered whales and dolphins.

100% of every dollar you give to the Wild Animal Health Fund will be used to fund research like this study.  So, even a donation as little as a dollar can make a difference.  

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