The future for Zoo Animals & Wildlife

Leave a legacy for animals

For many decades, we have admired the amazing animals that roam and inhibit the earth's environments.  While great science has been discovered to take care of our pets and agricultural species, we have a limited understanding to heal and cure zoo animals and wildlife.  This means that we need to increase research finding for these animal's health so they remain with us long into the future whether we are around or not. 

By supporting the Wild Animal Health Fund through a planned gift, you can help us make a lasting impact on saving these species.    

There are numerous ways to design a planned gift.  First, we recommend you discuss this idea with your family and/or a professional financial planner. Then, we are available to work with you and your advisors in creating a legacy plan to support the Wild Animal Health Fund.

The types of planned gifts include:

  • Outright gifts that use appreciated assets as a substitute for cash, such as stock transfers and real estate
  • Gifts that return income or other financial benefits to the donor in return for the contribution
  • Gifts payable upon the donor's death 

For more information about planned giving, please consult a professional.

Planning today to help the animals in the future is a wonderful gift. Thank you for your consideration!  Contact us to get more information.