Match your gift and save more species

You can double the impact by asking your employer to match your donation.  Companies of all sizes support matching gift programs.  Some employers have programs in place where they will match your gift dollar for dollar.  Other employers just need to be asked to support a worthy cause that YOU have already supported.  

If your employer has a matching gift program, please obtain the matching gift form from your Personnel department, complete it with your gift information, send in your gift with the form to us at the below address.

Wild Animal Health Fund


581705 White Oak Road

Yulee, FL 32097

We will send you a receipt for your gift, sign the charity section and mail it to your employer.  Pretty simple of a process and worth a lot to the animals!

If your employer doesn't have a formal matching gift program, we would appreciate the introduction to the Wild Animal Health Fund.  This way they can either make a donation on your behalf or match your gift.  Either way, they will be participating in a global cause of helping the earth's animals live better lives.

Thank you in advance for seeking a match gift or introducing your employer to the Wild Animal Health Fund. 

Spreading the awareness and support is important!  Help us fund critical research and studies to optimize the health, welfare and prevention of extinction of zoo animals and wildlife around the world.

Helping Animals in zoos and in the wild