One Health - good for the Animals

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Monkeys, mosquitoes, and humans, oh my!

The term “One Health” is pretty trendy right now, but it is really the very simple concept that problems and questions of health in any species should be approached with a broad perspective that incorporates the linkages among animals, humans, and our shared environment.

Two veterinarians who have spent their careers embracing this perspective are uniting to study mosquito-borne viruses in Brazil’s high diversity Atlantic Forest. Drs. Sharon Deem of the St. Louis Zoo Institute of Conservation Medicine and Lilian Catenacci of the Evando Chagas Institute in Brazil will study viruses such as Zika in golden-headed lion tamarins, yellow-breasted capuchins, maned sloths, humans, and mosquitoes to learn how common they are and how likely it is that they will travel between animals and humans, as well as how human-modified environments affect their epidemiology.